Products and services

Building and refitting of boats and ships

1. Project and site management

We provide complete services, ranging from the estimate of costs, planning and site management to project reports aimed at optimising and planning the timing of each order. We are the link between the boat owner, the shipyard and the supplier. We supervise every step, from design to production, in order to reduce any production risks.

2. Procurement office

To ensure a winning project everything needs to be studied and planned down to the last detail in order to minimise the investment costs without sacrificing quality. The procurement office puts our expertise at your service in the search for reliable suppliers that help you save money on materials and supplies.

3. Refitting e new build survey

Conscious and well-considered choices are key for a winning project. Estimating costs, planning operations on time and choosing the right finance will allow work to proceed quickly and unimpeded. A word of advice – contract only suitable persons and plan everything down to the last detail in order to obtain a final result that is tailored to your needs, a customised project of which you can be proud. You will find yourself with a practically new boat at a fraction of the cost.

Products and services for boats

4. Maintenance and repairs

We carry out fiberglass and gelcoat repairs, as well as aluminum and stainless steel construction and restoration, and similar services with a wide network of reliable partners that offer guidance and assistance throughout the process.

5. Spare parts

Whatever item you are looking for, leave the search to us. We will do our best to deliver it in the shortest time possible, based on your needs and requirements. Orders shipped internationally shall be entrusted to the best customs agents for maximum safety and swiftness of delivery.

6. Painting, staining and varnishing products

We offer only the best painting, staining and varnishing products present on the market at unparalleled prices and with direct delivery. We deal with the leading brands and pay particular attention to products that have a lower environmental impact.

7. Transport

For every kind of transport, however small or large, do not hesitate to contact us. We will organise the transport of boats and special parts by sea or by land. We will plan everything down to the last detail in order to guarantee your full satisfaction.

Management & crew

8. Recruiting service

We can recruit perfect crew you are looking for! Our goal is to carefully select potential members and, to do this, it will be important to know in detail every aspect of the position: we will find the specific candidate with the proper qualification, personality fit, the experience and the skills required.
Our company is in daily contact with seafarers worldwide.

9. Crew assistance

We are aware that the time to devote to the administrative aspects is a lot! For this we absolve the practices related to your crew: contract administration, payroll, crew travel, document management

10. Operational management

You have little time to organize the departure for your holidays? You have little time to manage your wintering? We are also available for this: we will cure every detail of your holiday and your boat, from the laundry to the galley, from the uniforms to scheduled maintenance and spare parts. We have decades of experience in the industry and every new customer for us is a confirmation of our commitment!